Blogging 101: Zero to Hero

Day One: introduce yourself.

My name is Linda.  I’m a wife, mom, grandmom, ex-teacher, and now counselor/therapist in a Christian counseling office.  I get to speak to women’s groups sometimes, and that’s a joy to me.

I’ve been blogging for about two years now, on  It’s been an amazing experience, However, I’ve developed so many categories that have nothing to do with Bible study that I decided two  days ago to open a new blog just for writing experience.

The daily prompts and other challenges here at WP have been wonderfully helpful to me. I’m a procastinator. I have at least two books running around in my head waiting to be written.  I’m hoping through this challenge to find my motivation and get busy on those books before I’m too old to sit up long enough to write.


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