Daily Post: You Sexy Thing

(Tell us all about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.)

For “sexy,” read  “comfortable.”  I’m nearly 67, after all, and if there’s one things that makes a woman my age look silly, it’s trying to look as if she’s stil 25.

So, if you could choose one of these cute little old ladies to be YOUR granny, which one would it be?  Roller  Granny? I think she’s pretty cool. Or Auntie Acid, who always seems to have something to complain about? Or the aged fashionista with the uber-glasses?  She’s a bit much, in my opinion, but I have to admit

she does make a strong statement.  Just not MY statement 🙂

Image  ImageImageWhen I was a little girl, I thought that the only thing old ladies were allowed to wear was made of shiny blue dotted swiss fabric. They had to wear their hair in buns or rolls on the backs of their heads, and they had to wear clunky blue or black shoes that laced up the front and had very thick  heels.

I didn’t ever want to be old.

I’m thankful that my clothing choices are way better.  My favorite “confidence” outfit would be either black and white or red and white. It would be of soft fabric, but not clingy.  It would have a gently fitted waistline; length would be somewhere between knee and ankle. Not sleeveless, not backless, not low enough in front to show lots of skin. Shoes: white or red flats or very  low pumps. Purse not too big, maybe with a flower or scarf on the straps; not showy, just tasteful. Not too big, but not a coin purse.  Other accessories:  I love good jewelry, and I’m learning to stretch out of my comfort zone in matters of size.  I used to wear nothing but delicate pieces; now, I find I’m more attracted to bold and bright. Earrings, dangly.  I have a short neck, so the earrings can’t be too long or it just looks silly.

I don’t color my hair.  Never felt the need. It’s more salt than pepper these days, and that’s ok with me.

Makeup? Conservative. I wear rose or wine-colored lipstick unless I’m wearing red;  then the lipstick must match the red of the outfit.  Most important to me is to accent the eyes.

I have a versatile wardrobe for work, where I want to look professional but not stiff.  At home, it’s jeans and a tee.  I never, ever wear high heels these days.  My feet scream at me if I try. Nothing tight. Nothing that cuts off my breath.  Nothing that binds, chafes, rolls, rides up or needs to be tugged down the minute I’m sitting. Long flowing skirts suit me.  I’m short, and they make me look a little taller.

Although I do remember one student who used to like to tell me that I looked as if I were walking in a portable hole. I’m pleased to report that the last picture I saw of him he wasn’t all that tall, and he’d pudged out quite nicely.





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