Zero to Hero Challenge: Day Two

So  I opted to take the challenge and learn more about blogging and writing.  Every day there’s a challenge. Yesterday was Day One, and we were asked to introduce ourselves.  Today, Day 2, we were asked to decided whether or not the title and tagline of our blogs was really what we wanted.

The title definitely is what I wanted.  This blog is mostly about writing; my efforts to improve, to find my own style, to find the motivation to do something I’ve always wanted to do but felt I had no time or energy to do.

The tagline, I changed.  I’m not teaching anything in this one.  I’m not pushing an agenda or selling a product.  It’s about writing, and nothing else.  I feel good about making that change.  I also updated my “blavatar,” as WP calls it, since the other one is maybe ten years old.  The new one is already two years old.  I don’t have a lot of current pics of myself.


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