Bloganuary, Jan. 1 2023

Prompt: What is something you want to achieve this year?

Of course, one immediately thinks of resolutions. I gave up on those years ago.

Looking back, I can see that my failures were in making my resolutions so ginormous that not even Superwoman herself could have achieved them.

I have come to the. conclusion that I need to adopt the “just for today” mentality if I’m going to be able to reach any meaningful goals.

Just for today, I choose to avoid sugary treats because my Type II Diabetes is always in the back of my mind.

Just for today, I choose to be thankful that my back is less painful because of good treatment by my pain doctor.

Just for today, I choose think of my immediate family members, and pray for each one and each of their spouses, and their children.

Will I carry these three things with me all through each day of the year? Don’t know. Probably not the first one, because I’m weak. Every day that I turn down a doughnut is a victory 🙂 Probably not the second, because the pain is always just behind the nearest door, and I know it will return. Probably yes, for the third one. I think of all of them all the time.

What I would most like to achieve this year, though is something I’m already doing. I write a daily Bible study blog ( and I want to keep it up, continuing faithfully. That’s primary.

Also, I want to see measurable improvement in my piano playing. I started taking lessons last year, online, with I’m loving it, and I have a great teacher. I taught myself years ago, and always wished I could have formal lessons. Now, I am! Learning so much, and breaking old habits. I want to continue as long as I can.

That’s about it. I’m not hard to please. At my age, I can be thankful for many, many things. Music is one of them 🙂


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