High Crime?


Zing and Zang had spent a great deal of time of Zerkon, being debriefed on their experiences on Earth. Now, they had returned to study what Earthlings called Christmas.

They were confused.

“What terrible crime did these poor things commit?” said Zing.

“What an awful tradition! I thought their Christmas was a time of joy and love. Not for these poor creatures!”

Hearing footsteps, they blinked to invisibility.

A kind-looking woman squeezed each toy, decided they were dry, and took them down. “Tommy will be happy to have you back,” she said.

Zing and Zang felt a little sheepish.

38 thoughts on “High Crime?

  1. It’s been off and on for me blogging and I had no idea how much I missed Zing and Zang until I read this! You’ve got a knack for bringing these characters of yours to life, Linda. Enjoyed this so much. 🙂

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