Take a Trip!


Adam and Elise were honeymooners. Their funds were limited, so they took a “staycation” and did day trips that were inexpensive. They’d had a wonderful time.

They spotted the carousel, and decided to take a ride. As they walked, talking and laughing, a flower-painted bus drove between them and their destination. The doors swished open, and a handsome man with a sparking white smile invited them to “take a trip with the tour bus.”

Forgetting about the carousel, they climbed in.

No one ever saw them–or the flower-painted bus–again.

47 thoughts on “Take a Trip!

  1. I think the warning should read: beware of the ‘sparkling white smile.’ There are a few people I know who would like such a trip: I wonder if Adam and Elise are in a magical world and having such a good time they just have forgot about coming home. A honeymoon trip for a lifetime, so to speak.

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  2. Never trust a stranger, or a bus that’s not on the regular line in that neighborhood. As James McEwan said, there’s always the chance they went on an exotic Magic Bus ride but the droll ordinary reality of danger unfortunately is what happens in real life.

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