High Summer

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“Ayup. Been a dickens of a summer, ain’t it?” Karl spit a stream of brown tobacco juice to the ground.

“Oh, you betcha. Hot, humid, and all this Covid crud. We thought it’d be all done by now.”

“Flatten the curve, yeah? “

“Phshaw! Such nonsense!”

The two old farmers stood quiet, leaning on the fence rail, watching the tractor maneuver the loaded hay wagon.

“Well. Keep good, yeah? Gotta go help. Horses gotta eat.”

“Ayup. Keep good. See ya!”


28 thoughts on “High Summer

      1. michaelkreger

        As they had to learn to live with City Folk — um — “intervention” with Daylight Savings Time, they had to learn to live with THESE current events.

        As the farmers say, “Cows don’t care what time YOU think it is. They gotta be milked at the same time of day, no matter what.”

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  1. A nice quiet story, with an upbeat feel. The old farmers have weathered Covid, just as their grandparents had to deal with Spanish flu. There’s nothing really new about life in the country; animals and crops all need tending.

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