War is Hell

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Grandpa held little David’s hand as they gazed at the worn memorial.

“Davie, war is a terrible thing. But even out of horror there can be some honor, and many honorable acts were performed in both the World Wars of the 20th century.”

“Were you in a war, Grandpa?” David gazed up at his beloved grandpa, hoping for a good story.


David’s little shoulders slumped. No story. But he could see the distance in his grandpa’s eyes. “Is war really like hell, Grandpa?”

Grandpa snapped back to the present. “Yes, Davie. And I hope you never have to go.”

26 thoughts on “War is Hell

  1. Dear Linda,

    My dad was wounded in WW2. Recently my brother pointed out that while Dad told plenty of boot camp stories he didn’t say much about the war itself. Tender story. I hope David never has to go either.

    Shalom and Merry Christmas,


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    1. My dad said his only war wound happened during a drunken brawl between the sub he served in and the tavern on the waterfront 🙂 But no, he didn’t have much else to say. That generation tended not to dwell on the horrible.


  2. bearmkwa

    War is WORSE than hell. Hell, we can only imagine… War… we’ve seen it, tasted it, and had it invade every aspect of our lives. Of the two, I think I’d take hell.

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  3. War is no solution, and it brings the nonhuman characteristics of ours, out in the open. However, take the case of India, in its 7000 years old recorded history, it has never waged war against any country. In fact, the county suffered due to its teachings of nonviolence, which led to ill-prepared war-making machinery. India lost 50 million inhabitants at the hand of barbaric, inhuman and unprincipled invaders from Turkey, Central Asia, and the Middle East, in the middle ages. So war is Hell dear, but not being ready for war is a curse on the future generations. Thanks.

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