The Sewing Room

Jean L. Hayes

Lissy loved Mommy’s sewing room. She ran her little hands over all the different fabrics, enjoying how smooth, or prickly, or rough they all were. She especially loved the shiny ones.

But her main interest was the pin cushion. Thimbles, straight pins, needles with bits of thread still dangling from the eye. And the little white heads all around the cushion.

Image result for pin cushions with little white heads around them

“Mommy, are their arms and legs all tangled up inside the ball?”

“No, Lissy. They don’t have bodies. They’re just for decoration.”

Lissy thought for a moment.

“Yes, they do. And some day I’m going to set them free!”


48 thoughts on “The Sewing Room

  1. bearmkwa

    My first pin cushion was one of these little chinese doll ones. Given to me by my foster Mom. It was old by then, and most of the faces were gone, but the silk was still shiny and for some reason I was in love with it. I had it for many decades until it finally disintegrated. Lovely story.

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  2. A lovely story, which catches the childish imagination exactly. At least two of my grandchildren would be determined to ‘rescue’ the poor little trapped people! I like the way you describe the photoprompt from the pov of the little girl.

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