Waiting. . .

The soggy shoppers were determined. Nothing would make them leave, get out of the rain, allow anyone to get in front of them. Mostly, they were civil. There was tension in the air though, and very few would meet the eyes of anyone they didn’t know.

One woman confided in her friend that she was wearing adult incontinence underwear. She also carried a boatload of snacks. Just in case.

One man had two super-sized bodyguards with him. Their eyes were cold.

A passer-by asked his companion, “What on earth is going on?”

She sighed. “The new iPhone is out.”


43 thoughts on “Waiting. . .

  1. As I child I grew up getting hand downs, I never had a new school jacket or shoes. So I am very pleased with my handed down iPhone 5c, soon I’ll have a handed down iPhone 6, whpppeee.

    Nice story of how people must have the latest gadget.

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  2. The calm before the riot? Next week, when everybody has one, no one’s even going to care that these people were first. Elsewhere, people would do anything for a piece of bread, a drink of water, shelter… In some ways, civilization has made us much less civilized.

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