Hung Over

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Leaia gazed upward, feeling nausea rising as she watched the utensils floating free. Why were they floating? A sifter doesn’t float.

She squeezed her eyes shut, surprised at how hard it was to open them again. Sticky, gummy, itchy. Hot. So hot. Swallowed. Pain, heat, never swallow again. Ears throbbing, head pounding, nose closed up and making her a mouth-breather.

Eyes open. Floating sifters, floating colanders, floating strainers, floating . . .

Nausea. Bitter, sour, rising, hurting her throat. Keep it down! Can’t! Throat-searing, stomach heaving. Sick, so sick.

Never again. Never ever. Just not worth it.


43 thoughts on “Hung Over

    1. I wasn’t thinking of the flu, but yes, it could have been. Only once in my life have I had it that bad, and never want to get it again. This person had just gotten drunk, something I have absolutely no interest in doing!

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      1. bearmkwa

        Oh, drunk… I haven’t been that drunk since the night I walked off the side of the ship from top deck on a dare. Let’s just say, hitting the brick of ocean, having lungs & stomach pumped, and then suffering weeks with a lung infection from the water, I learned my lesson. I was only sixteen back then…sixteen and dead stupid!

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      2. bearmkwa

        Sad, but true. It was right after my first hubby died, and I didn’t care to go on… grief is vicious. Then, I came home, met my Hubby at College… so, it came out well.

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  1. There have been alcoholics among my relatives, but I’m not a drinker. The floating objects remind me of vertigo I’ve had in the past. With my stomach at my age, I would suffer agony if I was a drinker. I can’t even drink much coffee. I ended up in the hospital from too much coffee. Great descriptions, Linda. —- Suzanne

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  2. Natasha

    Dear Linda,

    Once bitten twice shy, “hopefully”.

    Brilliant how you wrote this, without ever having any alcohol whatsoever. Story telling skills!

    Good to be here after eons.


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  3. Well, that was pretty much spot on! I haven’t been like that since student years (believe it or not, I was once thrown out of a bar – for lining up part filled bottles of mixers and playing tunes on them, and refusing to stop!)
    I loved the play on words in your title!

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