Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

He felt the tension release the minute he closed the door. She’d never understand it.  She didn’t need to. 

He loved his mess.  A male sanctuary requires no explanation, no organization, no routine cleaning.  No worry about shavings, little pieces of electrical wiring. No reason for the variety of “kept things.”  The frisbee game. The  tool chest. The wire netting. The garden tools he never used. 

His computer let him travel , using his “globe” to dream of far-away places where his pants didn’t need to be patched, or buttons sewn back on his shirts. 



53 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Dear Linda,

    I think that explains the longevity of my own marriage. We each have our own spaces in which to be messy and dream. Interesting that you picked up on the disc golf goal. Not everyone would. 😉 Well done.



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    1. I think they do. I know I did. But if a woman disappears into her she-shed, she has to make sure everything is all ready for everyone she’s getting away from. It’s a lot of work 🙂


  2. Each person needs a sanctuary of their own, where their the things are organised (or disorganized, according to others) according to the ease and needs. As long as the common area of the house is ideal for the outsiders, all is a beauty…

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  3. Everyone needs somewhere to escape to and he’s a lucky man not to have to worry about his pants falling apart. I am sure all those details are taken care of by “somebody”, along with the occasional meal or two which appears as if by magic, while he enjoys his man cave. That’s how good partnerships work.

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    1. Yes. And the bonus for her, if there is a “her,” is that when he goes to his sanctuary, she gets some peace and quiet, too. After the kids are all grown and gone. And if she’s not babysitting grandkids. . . .

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    1. Why, thank you! I should, really. Had a dad, a brother, a husband, three sons, six grandsons—-if you don’t figure out the male species, you’re going to live a very unhappy life 🙂 Anyway, I LIKE men, with all their weird habits and foibles. They certainly keep my life interesting 🙂


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