Those Feudal Days

RDP Wednesday – COTERIE

early 18th century: from French, earlier denoting an association of tenants, based on Middle Low German kote ‘cote.’


You just never stop learning.  I didn’t know that originally, the word referred to a group of peasant tenant farmers who worked land owned by a feudal lord.  

Image result for peasant farmers and their feudal lord

Notice the joy on the faces of those laboring peasants. 

Now we tend to think of it in terms of social groups, like a coterie of fashionably dressed ladies enjoying lunch together in a pricey restaurant 

Actually, what I think of is pigeons.  Messenger pigeons were kept in a cote  where they were tended, fed, groomed, and trained. You don’t hear much about these birds any more, but at one time they were an invaluable aid to communications, especially in wartime. 

RDP: Coterie

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