RDP # 84 – ELDER

Old English ellærn ; related to Middle Low German ellernelderne .


This is an American Box Elder Tree:

Image result for box elder tree pictures

And these are Box Elder Bugs:

Image result for box elder bugs

Cute little boogers, huh?

We’re coming into the season of the Bug.  I work in a very old PA farmhouse, dirt basement, probably well over 100 years old.  Apparently, we have box elder trees nearby, fairly close to the house.  Every year, we get an infestation of these dumb bugs.  They particularly love my office, I think because it’s the closest to the tree.  Every year, the owner of the practice has to get the exterminators to clean up these bugs, and every year they come back.  Like clockwork.

Along with the box elder bugs, we also get stink bugs.

Image result for stink bugs

This one looks prehistoric to me.  Like little itty bitty shields with legs.  Harmless, but annoying when they swoop down from behind the window blinds and land on your client’s head.  They’re really dumb, and easy to capture and flush.  I suppose, though, that maybe they reproduce in the sewer pipes.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The building has been renovated, recently repainted. It’s charming, and has a colonial look about it inside. People comment all the time on how nice it looks.

It’s just that we’re surrounded by woods that produce these irritating bugs.  Just part of life in my little corner of Pennsylvania 🙂

RDP: Elder

11 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. We know ALL ABOUT box elder beetles, which we call maple bugs. I saw one crawling on the floor yesterday. They usually cluster and can get pretty thick around, and in, our trailer some Sept. Thankfully they seem harmless; some people say they bite but I’ve never learned that from personal experience.

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