The Real King of the Jungle

RDP #72 – CAT

Old English catt, catte, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kat and German Katze ; reinforced in Middle English by forms from late Latin cattus .

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I’ve lived my 71 years quite happily without a pet cat.  Never really wanted one.

However, I have been fascinated with the regal, gorgeous tiger since I was a little girl.  I remember reading a Golden Book titled Little Black Sambo,  which I suppose would be considered politically incorrect these days.  As I recall, the story took place in Africa, but I have to question that memory.  My research indicates that there are no native tigers in Africa, although you may see one in a zoo or perhaps even a wildlife preserve.  You are more likely to see Bengal tigers in Asia, or the Siberian tiger in–well –Siberia.  There’s not a lot of difference between them. The Siberian has thicker fur, but otherwise they’re quite similar.

Anyway, back to my story. This is the cover I remember:

Image result for little black sambo golden book

Upon further research, the story did take place in India, not Africa. Sambo had been warned many times to avoid the tigers, but he was a curious sort and decided to find out for himself. Along the way, a tiger chases him around and around a tree until the tiger finally morphs into a stack of golden pancakes covered in dark syrup.

Goofy, right?  But I loved the story. I have no idea what ever happened to my book. I’m sure it was lost or tossed in one of our many moves.

A quick read through my search results informs me that the story is now about a boy named Sam, and the tigers he meets are friendly sorts of cats.  Not much excitement there.

I think the first live tigers I saw were in the Como Park Zoo in Minneapolis.  They were HUGE!  I didn’t realize how gigantic they are.  I remember watching them for a very long time.

I’m thinking that if they did populate Africa, the lion would get bumped as the King of the Jungle 🙂

RDP:  Cat


4 thoughts on “The Real King of the Jungle

  1. If you had that book today in good condition, it would be worth about a hundred dollars. Maybe more. They are a collector’s delight. I think I have a collection of stories in a book that includes Little Black Sambo.

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    1. Oneta, I saw that as I was doing my search. Amazing. Who knew those wonderful Little Golden Books would be so valuable! But they were purchased to be read, not to be kept in pristine condition. Maybe that’s what makes a pristine one so valuable.


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