Wet, Dry, or Dusty


  1. a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon ), or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon ).
    • the rainy season accompanying the wet monsoon.
late 16th century: from Portuguese monção, from Arabic mawsim ‘season,’ from wasama ‘to mark, brand.’
My sister lives in Phoenix.  Desert. Dry.  Hot.  She loves it.  But I learned something from her that I didn’t know.  They have a monsoon season!  They actually call it that.  When I think of monsoon, I think of Asia, and the rainy season.
I didn’t know there was also a dry monsoon.  I always thought the monsoon was the rain, but it really refers to a season; depending upon where the winds are coming from, it will be either wet or dry.
So I learned something today, too, when I looked up the prompt. It’s amazing what we don’t know.
My sister told me that in Arizona, it’s not always a rain storm. Sometimes it’s a dust storm, which is truly awful.  There are some fascinating videos you can watch here to see how dangerous these desert storms can be.
We can get some pretty powerful storms here in my corner of Pennsylvania, but I don’t think they rise to the level of a monsoon-type storm.  We get the tail ends of hurricanes now and then, the most memorable being Hurricane Sandy about six years ago.  That was a serious storm, putting out the power for several days for many.
The thing is, I’ve always been fascinated by storms.  I love to watch the power of the wind, rain, or snow.  But I’m glad I get to do it from the relative safety of my house 🙂

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