Grandpa’s Garden

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Grandpa’s garden delighted  his imaginative grandson.  Devon loved the shed, or  the yard full of stuff.

Grandpa remembered how  he’d been impatient with Devon’s dad. Charlie had followed him around just like Devon, questioning everything. Grandpa didn’t always know how to answer. Charlie would become inventive.

“Grandpa,” Devon asked one day, “What is all that stuff piled up against the fence?”

Grandpa kneeled, hugging Devon’s skinny shoulders. “I don’t know, Devon. It’s something your dad made before he got sick, before you were born, when he was just a kid. I keep it to remind me. Like you. You remind me.”


Authors noteRarely do I struggle with the 100-word limit, but today it was hard. My first draft was 130 words.  I liked my first draft 🙂  But–out with the  extra words, one word or phrase at a time. I want to say that being a part of FF has indeed sharpened my awareness of verbiage and made me a better editor of my own work. 

My maternal grandfather, known by everyone as “Shorty,” was an excellent gardener. He certainly had a green thumb, and I loved trailing around behind him as he worked. He was also a carpenter, and he used to make us puzzles with his jigsaw. So many memories came flooding in as I wrote this little snippet. When I first saw the prompt this morning, I really went blank. But when the memory of Grandpa Shorty’s garden came to mind, the story was there. Too long, but that’s what FF is all about, right? 

Happy writing, everyone 🙂

47 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Garden

  1. That’s a lovely story Linda. I grew up with my grandparents and they had old sheds in the back of the property (near the chicken coops) full of junk. I used to explore them and it amazes me that I did ,considering how dirty everything was. I’m sure there were bugs and spiders everywhere. I guess my curiosity was stronger than my fears back then.

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  3. Something about old outbuilding seems to remind people of their grandparents! I guess things have shifted more and more from agrarian to urban in the past generation or so. I thought of grandparentstoo in my first version. Very nice sad but soothing piece.

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  4. The only Grandpa I knew was my Mom’s Dad. We played Crazy Eights and had rubber band fights. He died with I was 16. Fortunately my Dad, the Grandpa to my kids, lived until my kids were almost in their thirties.

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  5. michael1148humphris

    Sometimes it is difficult to cut out words, I enjoyed this small snippet of life and was able to place myself within the story. Making jigsaws for child sounds really special.

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  6. Lovely story. I agree about the editing process. Sometimes they come right out this week it took me quite a while and many many drafts to get mine to flow and stay within the word limit. It does work you. That’s a good thing.

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