Yellow Roses



“Have you ever thought about how amazing the heart is?” questioned Ray. “It never stops beating, from before birth until death, it just thumps away, 24/7.”

“Have you ever thought about how dull our conversations are becoming?”  responded Sally. “We’ve had this one more times than I can count. Fifty years, and you’re still hung up on your heartbeat.”

“Well, you still make my heart beat faster,” smiled Ray, thinking it would please her.

“I have nothing to do with your pulse, Ray.  You old coot, I haven’t increased your heartbeat in a very long time. You’re not kidding me!”  Sally was unimpressed.

Ray was hurt.  She really did still affect him with that “old black magic called love.”  He thought, “Maybe I need to show her I’m not kidding.”

He told her he had an errand to run, and he’d see her later.  He was gone for about half an hour, and when he came back he had a silly grin on his face. Sally almost fell out of her chair when she saw that his hands were filled with a bouquet of yellow roses, her favorite, the flowers she had chosen for their wedding so long ago. Ray didn’t believe in cut flowers; waste of money, because they just died.

“Ray!  Those are gorgeous!  You’ve actually managed to surprise me.  Why, I do believe my pulse has increased!” And she gave him a smacking kiss, which increased his own pulse, and they lived happily ever after.

Image result for bouquet of yellow rosesRDP: Pulse



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