Cloudy Vision

CATARACT:  a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision.


A cataract can also be a waterfall, or a rush of water.  The word comes from late Middle English: from Latin cataracta ‘waterfall, floodgate,’ also ‘portcullis’ (medical sense 2 probably being a figurative use of this), from Greek kataraktēs ‘down-rushing,’ from katarassein, from kata- ‘down’ + arassein ‘strike, smash.’

I have one, on my right eye.  The doctor said it’s the hard kind, and will probably need to be surgically removed in another  year or so. He said if it bothers me, to let him know.  I did, right there on the spot.  I constantly want to wipe that eye, feeling as if there’s a film on it, something in the way. But my vision is still clear, so he wasn’t in any hurry.

If a cataract is not removed, here is what the eye will eventually look like:

Image result for cataract images

Kind of creepy, right?  From what I’m reading, mine is probably an inherited tendency. My mom had one removed–maybe it was both eyes eventually, I can’t remember for sure.

It’s amazing how different this procedure is today compared to 50 years ago.  Back then, I remember people having to lie perfectly still for a long period of time; no light, so the eye was covered with a black patch.  Now, it’s a simple thing with a very short recovery period, and clear vision restored almost immediately.

I guess I’m glad I don’t live back in the good old days 🙂

Cloudy Vision

11 thoughts on “Cloudy Vision

  1. It is amazing the progress. When I was in med school a LONG time ago, I remember patients lying in bed in the hospital, weights strapped to their head to ensure everything stayed still for DAYS!.
    And now, its no big deal with amazing results. And like any procedure, there can be complications. Good luck when its time for you!

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  2. When I click on the URL you sent to RAGTAG, it just takes me back to my gravatar, not your blog. So strange. Has anyone else noticed this? I had to find you by googling Granonine and Cataract! This happened with one other person who posted their own URL. I don’t see that RagTag has posted their own for you, so couldn’t locate you that way. Try clicking on your own Pingback that you left and see what happens. Does it take you to your blog or your gravatar? xo Judy\

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      1. If you put their link on your blog it works, but if you send your URL to them in the comments section, no one gets to your blog. It send them back to their own gravatar. Or it did. I haven’t been sending it in a comment because it confuses people when it sends them back to their own site and I’m afraid they’ll give up and won’t click on the one that works. I’ll check and see if this is true.
        it is also confusing because I’m used to looking for you under Granonine and that isn’t in your URL so I have trouble finding the one they do as well.

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    1. Okay, had interruption. Also wanted to tell you that I’ve learned that I have to go ahead and publish my blog, title and all. Then I go to “edit,” and create the linkup. It didn’t work at first, so I tried again, and noticed that even though I’d put the URL from Ragtag in there, it changed it back to my own URL when I clicked on the button for the title of my story. Aha! So I deleted my URL, replaced it with Ragtag’s, and this time it worked.


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