Be Careful!

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

The stacks of warm hats looked like  children  facing the window, aching to get outdoors and play until their little noses froze and they had to come back inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows.

However, they were more sinister by far than they appeared.  Innocent shoppers had no clue that what they were seeing had been devised by a government think tank. The yarns were embedded with brain scanners that recorded every thought and sent it back to the Big Brother Computer deep in the bowels of the earth.

Make your own hats, people.  It’s safer.

81 thoughts on “Be Careful!

  1. Ah, George Orwell’s cautionary tale of a totalitarian Communist regime updated for the 21st century. Or is this like making hats of aluminum foil to keep the Martians from beaming thoughts into our brains?

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      1. anie

        hahaha, I used to knit when I was pregnant, some cute Babytrousers…..but I think this was more a hormonal mummy overreaction, because I stopped it after babies were born…; )

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  2. anie

    Honestly, that does not shock me so much when it only concerns myself. What should these control freaks want from me? Besides, I think that you will notice it when you are being watched and finally you have the power to defend yourself and show that you can not be influenced … at least you will try ……

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    1. anie

      well, I really do not like to be used in this circle, not even my adresses etc. for advertising, but on the other side? I think I have nothing to hide and who should be interessted in my stuff? All this multimediastuff does not touch the most important thing: LOVE. People who loves you, friends and family….the only ones who counts, do not care about multi media and not on online databases!

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      1. If you’re on Facebook and other social media where you post things about your life, then essentially you’re creating a public ‘database’. It’s a big brother tactic. Or conspiracies aside, stalkers find them very useful too 😊

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      2. anie

        Yeah, sure. When I write something about my person on the Internet, I have to assume that it can be “public.” And if I’m afraid of stalkers, I’m not writing anything…I think this is the reason why there are so mony anonym in the net.

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  3. Your story made me chuckle, thinking of the zillions of thought waves hitting Big Brother Central every minute. 🙂

    I have a friend who became more and more paranoid that someone was entering her apartment and messing with her stuff. She finally set up one of these motion sensor cameras to catch him/them at it. And padlocked the camera! Unfortunately they seemed to have figured out how to open it, erase the chip and put it back in empty, because she never get a photo of these people.

    But she knew they were coming into her apartment every time she left it, even for fifteen minutes, because something would be dropped on the floor or scratched or moved around. “They must have some kind of camera set up in the hall watch my door every minute to see when I leave the room.” I told her,”These poor people have no life at all apart from watching your door. They can’t even go get something to eat or go to the bathroom!”

    Your “Big Brother Computer” reminded me of her logic. My sympathies to the computer techie who has to slog through my day’s thoughts. 😉

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  4. Nice comparison of the stacks of hats to children yearning to play outside in the snow. I love the way you turned the comparison on its head by saying that the hats are not as innocent as they look. ‘Big Brother’ is already tracking our habits/behaviour these days, so the hats aren’t really necessary, are they? *sigh*
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and wishing you a joyful year ahead!

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