So Many Ways


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Another multi-faceted word.  I love words 🙂

Used to be, if a young man was calling on a young lady, they were the next thing to engaged.

And then Mr. Bell invented his telephone, and it was the new age of calling one another over the wires.  I’m old enough to remember party lines. We had one in Minneapolis in the early 1950’s.  Three or more people had phones all connected to the same number, and you just had to wait your turn if Mrs. Snerdly and Mrs. McGillicutty got to gossiping on the party line.  Of course, if you were very careful you could listen in and pick up some juicy tidbits.

Jack London wrote The Call of the Wild, and suddenly some men felt an urgent calling to journey to parts of the frozen North.  No, thanks.  My Terry would have loved to go roughing it in the wilds of Alaska, but he married the wrong girl for that.

Some people feel a calling to a life of religious service. For some, that means isolation from the world. For others, like me, it means finding a way to combine your work or career with ministry.  That’s a calling, too.

Recently, I’ve heard geese overhead calling to each other as they journey southward.

“Hooooonk!!  Agnes, we were supposed to take a left there!  Move over so I can lead!  Tsk! Can’t trust a woman for directions.”

“Homer, if you don’t quit being so bossy, I’m going to pluck your tail feathers till your backside freezes and you can’t fly at all!  Pompous old windbag.” (Please  forgive me for stealing that line from the Jungle Book. If you’ve seen the Disney movie, you’ll remember the elephants.)

Right now, my job is calling me.  Last day of work until Jan. 2, 2018.  I’m already feeling more relaxed:)


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