Too Much


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Two things immediately come to mind.  The song, of course:



The second isn’t quite so pleasant.  I was in fifth grade. We’d had a Christmas party in our classroom in which we exchanged inexpensive gifts.  I have been given a huge Sugar Daddy Lollipop.

Sugar Daddy Giant 1-Pound Caramel Pop

A solid pound of milk caramel sugar on a stick. I couldn’t leave it alone.  Sugar is addicting for me, and I leave it alone most of the time. But this time, I was only 11, and I had the sense of a fruit fly. By bedtime, I’d eaten about 3/4 of my big lollipop.  Then supper. An hour later, I was rushing for the bathroom and didn’t quite make it. Tossed my supper and my candy on the floor in the hallway.  No one was very happy with me that night.

I’ve never eaten Sugar Babies or a Sugar Daddy since.  In fact, I really don’t much like caramel.


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