Modern Art?

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant

It sat out in the middle of nowhere. Empty, abandoned, it was representative of the whole town. Few people remained, but what was left of this little strip mall still got quite a bit of attention.

Graffiti artists plied their trade without fear of legal trouble. No one cared. The building had been covered, painted over, repainted so many times that there was no way of knowing how it had looked originally.

Messages in code were left. The occasional foul language was quickly painted over. Sometimes, artists worked together to create murals.

There was no harm done.

24 thoughts on “Modern Art?

  1. ‘No harm done’, but I get a feeling of despair from this – the dying town, the abandoned, isolated building so covered in graffiti that nobody remembers its original appearance. The coded messages are intriguing, however. Fascinating.

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  2. I like the message of tolerance, ‘There was no harm done.’ I like, too, that although your story reflects the wistfulness of the failing town, there is no sense of fear about the abandoned building – it’s just a canvas for the artists.

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