Silly Kids

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger 

They picked up momentum as each person joined in the effort of getting Grandma up a tiny little hill. The older of the two brothers; then Big Bear, then their wives, laughing so hard they could barely walk.

People stopped to watch, taking pictures with their iPhones.

Grandma was laughing with them. All just good fun.

Then a palace guard approached, seriously commanding them to HALT!

“Are you aware that there’s a very steep descent at the top of this hill? Slow down, now!”

As he turned away, they erupted into laughter again, including the guard.


42 thoughts on “Silly Kids

  1. Dear Linda,

    I love the story as much as I love the photo. It’s always fun to see what a writer will write for her own photo. I could hear the laughter and chimed in with a bit of my own. 😉 Thank you for the loan of the photograph.



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  2. Loved your take on the prompt, Linda. I didn’t recognize you in the wheelchair either and you must be having quite a lot of fun at all the things that have been written about you this week. Do you usually get around in a wheelchair? I have an auto-immune disease where my muscle attack themselves and spent a few weeks in a wheelchair in hospital. I get around okay atm but use a stick on public transport just in case. I had an interesting experience attending a concert at the Sydney Opera House in a wheelchair as the only accessible wheelchair spot needed a wheelchair. The usher pushed me through the crowds. It was quite fun. Here’s a link:
    Best wishes,

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    1. I don’t need a wheelchair so far. My problem is my lower back, deteriorating bone disease, etc. My kids got the chairs for both Terry and me just because there would be so much walking, and they knew it would be hard for us.

      Thanks for sharing your story with me 🙂

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      1. That’s what I view as using equipment to work for us. That we’re not enslaved to it by using it now and then.
        Sorry to hear about your back. It’s hard to escape something as we get older. My problems unfortunately struck young, but my friends are catching up.

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  3. The joy and the laughter in the photo and your story come out so well. The only time I was in a wheelchair, my navigators almost steered my injured leg into the wall a few times, I was so happy to be off it to prevent further injury;-)

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