PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

The man watching from a window in Bloomingdale’s tower knew the schedule of the old stone church tucked in right behind the giant store.  He waited patiently as the sexton, old and arthritic, began the process of opening the old church.

He had plans that morning, and he smiled as he thought about the shock the churchgoers were about to receive. Unexpected,  inescapable. Perfect.

Soon the recorded carillon began to play from the tower of the old church.

The man opened his bags, ready to shower churchgoers—-with rose petals.

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61 thoughts on “Attack

  1. Not what I expected and a pleasant surprise. Just one thing. Most high rises don’t have windows that open. Can he make it to the roof and will the rose petals land on the correct geography? Sorry. My mind works that way.

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  2. Jelli

    That was definitely not the ending I was expecting, but oh so happy for it. Beautiful, Gran! Just totally beautiful and just what we all needed after this week’s great tragedy.

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