Don’t Trust the Cheap Airlines


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A certain airline whose name I will not mention has made getting a ticket/boarding pass like getting out of a very complicated maze.

There are dead ends in every direction.

And it’s entirely the fault of the airline, but that doesn’t matter.  They got the name wrong, and it’s been a massive headache ever since.

Lesson?  Don’t trust the very cheap airline to get it right. Apparently their computers don’t have any programmers who have brains.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Trust the Cheap Airlines

  1. You have my sympathies. Once some name is entered into the computer wrong, they can’t ever find you with that electronic brain. One letter out of place and you’re lost.

    And when your name is Goodnough… My cousin has a speech impediment and poor spelling. He booked a flight for me, taking a stab at spelling my name. Later, when I called to confirm the flight, their computer couldn’t find me at all. A person skimming over the list of passengers could guess that Goodough, Goodenoff, or Goodnuff is apt to be the name they’re looking for, but the computer just blips out, “No such person.”

    Bless that agent’s heart, it took her half an hour and a lot of patience, approaching the search from several different ways, to find my badly mangled name. She gave me a number and said “Use this for further bookings.” 😉

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