Day 22 Catch 22

June 22, 1933. Germany became a one political party country when Hitler banned parties other than the Nazis. 

The movie Catch 22 is about the insanity of war. It takes place during WWII

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a catch 22 is “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions”.

Write about a time you were in a catch 22. Or write a fictional piece about a catch 22


Toby crouched, hunkered down on his heels, praying the thick limb that held him wouldn’t break off and go crashing down to the huge grizzly who stood glaring at him with beady red eyes.

He had his rifle, loaded with his last bullet.  He knew he could take the bear out with a shot to one eye, and he would—


But there was a cougar snarling at him from the rocky ledge just to the left of his tree. The cat’s ears were flat, his black lips pulled up and back to threaten Toby with his razor-sharp fangs.

Toby reached for the knife tucked into his boot, holding the rifle with his right hand, praying to keep his balance as he hefted his beloved Bowie knife in his left.

Powerful defensive mountain lion guards its kill in the winter snow.

He’d wait. The bear might get tired of the stare-down. The cat may decide there was better game elsewhere. Toby settled his back against the reassuring bulk of the tree trunk. He started singing softly to himself, to bolster his courage and help him think through his dilemma.  How to handle it, what to do first.

Of course, what to do first depended a lot on which animal  attacked, or got tired of the game. . .

June 22 Challenge

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