The Waiting is the Best Part


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There are many things a child anticipates, and I’m using the word with a totally positive connotation here.  Most kids look forward to the first day of going to school.  It is a hallmark of their long trek to maturity, although they don’t see it in those words.  To most kids, it’s just proof that they’re not a little kid any more. They go to SCHOOL!

We anticipated birthdays with great hope, sometimes satisfied and sometimes not, but the anticipation of the event was always exciting. Another year older to prove yet again that we are no longer little kids.

Summer vacation?  Oh, you bet!  I loved school, but I loved summer more. I don’t remember ever being disappointed in summer when I was a kid.

Of course I anticipated falling in love, marriage, children, and now grandchildren. It’s a wonderful life. I also, most days, look forward with anticipation to to different kinds of work God has led me to.

There were Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the new year, with the first big day coming on February 14 when we eagerly anticipated getting a bagful of valentine cards.  And all these special days filled our heads as we slept and dreamed; they filled our awake hours with high hopes, and in my case, those hopes were generally fulfilled.

I loved Thanksgiving because of the friends, family, food and fun.  Christmas?  Same thing, only presents, too. And in my house, God was the center of those two holidays. I’ve always loved the story of the first Thanksgiving.  I find it both grievous and  infuriating that our revisionist historians these days are doing their best to take the shine off America’s first years, even to the point of a college removing the American flag because some arrogant young people say  it represents violence and terrorism.  What a slap in the face to all those who have fought and died to preserve our freedom to fly that flag!

I would challenge these folks to find me one single nation in the history of the world that has NOT been guilty of violence at some point in its history. But that’s not what this post is about.

I still anticipate these special days today, at age 69.  It’s different now, more settled, more peaceful, perhaps more realistic. I am still thankful for family, friends, food, and fun. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

I am thankful, on this Thanksgiving eve, for all the ways God has led me through my life to this point,  and I’m truly anticipating the rest of the journey as it comes closer to its end, because the greatest anticipation of all is to see my Savior.  That’s what will make it heaven.

Enjoying the Memories


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The season of wonderful smells is upon us.  I’ve always particularly enjoyed the aromas of Thanksgiving Day, as the turkey  roasts in the oven. Woven into that wonderful smell are the savory herbs of the stuffing, the pumpkin pies cooling on the counter, and my yummy fresh dinner rolls. The come-hither  scent of coffee surrounds it all,  , making the house a treasure chest of gustatory perfume.

These days, I have to just enjoy the memory of all this.  I’ve slowly lost my sense of smell over the years. Too many sinus infections, too many sprays of medication, leaving me with a chronic congestion that may need surgery at some point.

I never thought about  losing my sense of smell until it started to happen. One of my favorite aromas is that of bread baking in the oven, and I can’t smell it any more. I can only imagine it from  years of  enjoying it.

We’ll be at my daughter’s this year for Thanksgiving. I usually do it here, but my physical difficulties have made it necessary to pass this one over to her. She’s an amazing cook, and even though my sense of taste is also somewhat affected by my loss of the sense of smell, I can still enjoy each mouthwatering bite.

Have you ever wondered how it all must have smelled on that first Thanksgiving, when the cooking was done outdoors?



I’m really sorry I didn’t get to read too many of your posts today on the daily prompt.  Incredibly busy day. We selected counterop, looked at tile for backsplash and floor, looked at sinks and faucets.  Some people just love doing this.  I don’t.  After an hour or so, I’m ready to say, “Just send me one of everything!”  I’m not a shopper, never have been.

Then a friend came to help install upper and lower cabinets on the north-facing wall, and I’m delighted with the effect so far. The only cabinets left are the wall cabinets on the south-facing wall and the ones we’ll use for the little breakfast bar thingamabob. The counter can’t be measured and cut until all cabinets are installed.

I love the countertop.  It’s called “cashmere white,” a granite top with a light touch of blue and some other sparkles. I’m thinking to pick up the blue in the backsplash and the floor tile, maybe paint the walls a very, very light blue. Cabinets are birch.  I want a light, airy feeling.  Nothing set in cement yet.  It’s a small room, and I don’t want a lot of dark, strong color. We’re still deciding whether to go with stainless (which everyone tells us is a better selling point) or a whitestone look that Terry likes.

Anyway, there just wasn’t a lot of time for reading posts, and I feel bad about that.  You are all so very encouraging to me, “liking” and commenting faithfully.  I do want to return the favor whenever I can.  Today just wasn’t one of those days.

I just had to put a few dishes in the cupboard tonight! dishesincupboard

But–it looks like I’ll be able to produce a good Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  Terry put plywood down across the cabinets so I have a couple of good working surfaces. Now if I can just get some more stuff put away and do something about all this dust. . ..


Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


Okay. The first thing that comes to mind is that I haven’t been thinking about anything worth writing about.

The second thing is that  this is supposed to be a ten-minute free write, and the prompt didn’t go up until 8 a.m. Eastern time in the USA; yet there is already a response at 8:01. That just doesn’t compute. I didn’t look yet to see who has already posted, so I’m not directing this specifically; but someone is cheating.  Either you’re not using this Daily Prompt grid for your response to the prompt, or you have inside information. Either way, I think it’s just a little off.

All right. Got that off my chest.  Let’s see.

It’s another gorgeous November day, clear and not really cold.  My sister in Arizona was poking at those of us who live north of the Sun Belt, enjoying the Arizona non-winter where the sun shines all the livelong day, all the livelong year. Nope. No thanks.  I’m glad there are people who love that, but I’m not one of them. I love the wind, the rain, even the snow. Sleet, not so much. But like everything else in life, winter passes and then we get to enjoy just about nine months of a wonderful mix of color, warmth, the most gorgeous flowers, and thunderstorms to thrill the heart and soul. I’ll take the four season, thanks.

I’m off to work in just over an hour. Had an interesting session a few days ago that is still on my mind, trying to figure out if I missed something important or if the client is just a completely self-centered putz who can’t see beyond the end of his own nose.  There are people like that. What I have to make sure of is that I’m not making assumptions about someone who is in real pain that is not of his own doing.

Sometimes I don’t feel very smart.

My kitchen renovation has slowed down to a snail’s pace. I’m having to deal with the reality that I may be serving Thanksgiving dinner on paper plates and TV trays, working around the mess, having lots of my equipment in boxes in a back bedroom.  I’m trying, really trying, to have a positive attitude.  It’s hard.

That’s it. Ten minutes. Goodbye 🙂