The Trellis


“Well, that’s something new!” Zing was puzzled.

So was Zang. “What’s it for? It’s not plugged in to anything.”

“Well, it leads to that balcony. Maybe it’s an outside entrance?”

“Too small for humans, though. They’d get stuck. Let’s go up and take a look.”

“You sure?”

“Of course. Go invisible and teleport up.”

When they neared the top, they heard, “Hey, Don, did you remember to water the tomatoes?”

“Doing it right now!” The balcony door opened. A bucket was tipped into the trellis, showering Zing and Zang as it flowed to the planter below.


The Tower


Zing and Zang had wandered all over Rome and Florence. They marveled at the sculptures and paintings they saw. No artists lived on Zukor, their home planet. All were scientists or government employees.

They journied to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. Teleporting was quickest; within seconds they stood on the grassy area surrounding the Tower.

Suddenly, Zang grabbed Zing, dragging him away. “It’s falling! The giant’s mouth is wide open! He’s yelling at everyone to get away! Oh, his eyes are terrible!”

“Zang, it’s been like this for hundreds of years. That’s not a ma. . . .”