Reading in Bed


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Sadie was immersed in the book she held. She should have been asleep an hour ago, but the story was taking her deeper and deeper into itself, and  she couldn’t put the book down.

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She didn’t realize it when her eyelids finally drifted down over her eyes, and she was transported from her bed into the dreamland of the story.

It was quite a shock to find herself suddenly clad in a renaissance dress,  being hustled  up the hill by two soldiers who had no patience for her efforts to free herself from their unrelenting grip on her arms.

And no matter how hard she tried, she could not wake up from this awful nightmare. . .



We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?


There are many things I turn to when I need to quiet my noisy heart. My work days, only three per week, thank God!–can be quite stressful.  When I get home, I do not want to talk about difficult matters. My primary source of comfort is the Bible and prayer.  Always, they bring me back to center.

My husband and I enjoy the retro TV stations that show the programs we loved growing up. That’s a relaxing evening.

While we’re watching, I’m usually knitting or doing some other handwork. Knitting, especially, is very soothing to me. The rhythm of the stitching, the feel of the yarn moving through my fingers, the developing pattern, all bring me a sense of peace and relaxation.

Music is a constant go-to.  I love to play my piano or organ, often allowing whatever comes to mind to flow out through my fingers.  And of course, I completely enjoy my collection of CD’s.

Finally, and you knew it was coming, books are my secret garden.  Reading has always, always provided my quiet place in a quiet space. When I read, I can leave my reality and float off to someplace that always has a happy ending.  Well, almost always 🙂  It’s the last thing I do at night after I slip into bed.  Books put me to sleep.  I always have one with me, either a paper book or my Kindle.

A life without books would be bleak indeed.


The Great Divide

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?


For relaxation, it’s fiction every time.  Anything else, and I read a lot of non-fiction, is not for the purpose of relaxing. It’s work-related, or political, or just because I’m interested.  But fiction is my relaxer, my sleeping pill, my take-me-away treat, my stay-cation.