Neither Rich nor Famous


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My lifestyle?  Ordinary.  Thank God. No way would I want a herd of paparazzi hounding me, or those awful “news” magazines publishing stories about my private self.  I’m content to be obscure in my little corner of Pennsylvania.


Wouldn’t I like to be wealthy?  Only if no one else knew it.  Only if I didn’t have to live in an ostentatious house just because I can afford it.  Only if I could use that wealth in some positive way other than just making myself more comfortable.

But wouldn’t I like to have fame?

No.  Really, just no.

I like having the lifestyle of the “got enough money” and “ordinary.”


Be Thankful


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Funny that this word should come up today.  After a session with a client yesterday, I was thinking about how thankful I am for what is ordinary in my life. Also, knowing that what I consider ordinary would be unattainable for many in third-world countries, I took  some time to make a mental list of things that I consider ordinary that would be deemed as luxuries in other parts of the world. My car, for instance.  By no means luxurious by American standards, it’s old–2001 vintage–and doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles new cars have these days.  But it’s sturdy, comfortable, warm or cold on demand, and dependable.  Ordinary.

Image result for ordinary

I have a closet full of clothing. There’s plenty of food in our pantry.  Today I will do laundry. For me, that means sorting clothes and putting them into machines that wash and dry them without my involvement. That’s ordinary for me. Not so for millions around the world.

I know there’s nothing new or astonishing in this post. I suppose that if it nudges any of those who read it to just take a moment to consider all we have in this country, all that we consider normal, and to be thankful, then that’s a good thing.

By the way, in Colonial times here in the USA, an ordinary was a tavern or inn where you could go for food and drink, and where a traveler could find a bed for the night.

Amazing Pictures


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Awe. Amazement. Great respect and fathomless appreciation.  It’s a word we’ve trivialized. I can’t remember when “totally awesome” became a part of the culture’s vocabulary, but it was applied to everything from basketball shoes to culinary delights to hairstyles to the silly habit of wearing ones’ very baggy pants around one’s knees.


God is awesome. We really need to quit using superlatives for ordinary things. Although, I have to admit that I’m pretty awed by really good chocolate 🙂

Here are some amazing pictures of the awesome creation God has given us to enjoy:

Want more?  Go to  I hate the name of the site, but the photos are wonderful.