The Trellis


“Well, that’s something new!” Zing was puzzled.

So was Zang. “What’s it for? It’s not plugged in to anything.”

“Well, it leads to that balcony. Maybe it’s an outside entrance?”

“Too small for humans, though. They’d get stuck. Let’s go up and take a look.”

“You sure?”

“Of course. Go invisible and teleport up.”

When they neared the top, they heard, “Hey, Don, did you remember to water the tomatoes?”

“Doing it right now!” The balcony door opened. A bucket was tipped into the trellis, showering Zing and Zang as it flowed to the planter below.

Airport Confusion

Zing and Zang are feeling overlooked. Several of the comment in the past few weeks have mentioned my favorite little aliens, and this week Kelvin nudged me in that direction. What better place to take these two than an international airport? Therefore, my second offering, better late than never 🙂

Zing and Zang perched invisibily just outside a departure gate. There were swarms of people. People sitting, walking, reading, sleeping, engaging in acts of affection that made Zing and Zang blush—which of course no one could see, so that’s all right 🙂

“Zing, this place is HUGE! And look at the size of their air transports! I wonder if they’re all going to the same place?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t understand why they don’t just teleport! Ready?

“Ready. To infinity and beyond!”



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“I must be faceless,” thought Reenie.  She walked with a crowd of other hurrying lunch hour escapees, all seeming to be running away from the huge buildings that would swallow them back up in 45 minutes.

But no one noticed her.  She watched as others briefly glanced up, smiled, quickly lowered their eyes.  She watched people walking together, heads close as they had private conversations in a public place.  She watched as people met on the corners; men meeting men, men meeting women,  women meeting girlfriends and boyfriends. Seemed everyone else had a place to go, someone to see, a recognizable face in the crowds that filled the sidewalks.

But not her. She stopped at a sidewalk vendor and asked for a hot dog, all the way.  The man behind the cart slapped her sandwich together without ever looking up, and held out his hand for her money.


Reenie walked to a square, found a bench, sat on one end and slowly ate her sandwich. No one sat on the other end.  No one smiled at her. No one spoke.

Well, they had taught her to be invisible. They had trained her to behave in such a way that no one would remember her or be able to describe her. Thinking of her mission, she felt her heart speed up with excitement.  Only a few more days, and none of the ignorant people around her would be left with faces intact.

It would be a good day.



“Zing, this is very strange.  Look, the part with the red ring is aimed upward, toward the sky.  I wonder why?”

“If you really paid attention, Zang, you’d see that it is pointed directly at our planet!   We must destroy it.”

As Zing and Zang, protected by the darkness and their ability to be invisible, crept toward the  contraption,  they were startled and terrified when a disembodied voice said,  “Stop! Don’t touch it!”

Reaching for their weapons, they stood back to back and searched the darkness.

“Do not fear. I am here to help you. Relax.”


(I am amazed at how perfectly the last three or four prompts have contributed to my Zing and Zang stories.  I never know what I’m going to write, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I do know that my characters have become a great deal of fun for me as their stories unfold!)


Peony Again

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Peony sat on the wall near the canal,  watching Zing and Zang as they made their invisible way down the path. They kept her busy, these two, always transporting themselves in the blink of an eye.

Her orders were to watch, but no interference unless they were in danger. So far, they’d been safe.  Peony smiled at their conversations. She’d been on the job much longer than they, and when she chose to appear, she looked like any little girl, maybe six or seven years old.

Soon, she would reveal herself. They would be SO surprised!


Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.


“Oh my.  What on earth have I done now?” thought Sadie.  She couldn’t see herself. Not her hands, not her feet.  Not even her clothes.  She was gone.  She tried looking into a mirror, but there was nobody there.  It was not a happy feeling.

“Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Can anyone see me?  HELLO!”

No response.  Apparently she was not only invisible, but also inaudible. Well. This was a fine mess.

Sadie often forgot that what she wished for usually came true.  Over time, she’d learned not to even think thoughts that would immediately change her life.  One time, when she was still a child, she’d wished for a bathtub full of chocolate ice cream.  It still made her stomach hurt to remember how she felt before she’d eaten  halfway through that one.  She’d let the rest melt, washed it down the drain, and turned her back on chocolate ice cream for a very long time.

This time, she’d been frustrated when her so-called friends left her out of a big secret. She’d thought, “I wish I were invisible so I could hear them, but they wouldn’t know I was there!”

And bingo!  She got her wish.

Well, she may as well make use of it. She walked over to where her friends were eating lunch together, chatting and laughing.  It made her invisible cheeks blush to imagine that they were talking about her, laughing at her, keeping secrets from her. She really didn’t know what she’d done to deserve it. She’d been working in the same office with these women for a couple of years now, and she’d thought their friendship was mutual.  Apparently not.

She stood behind the group, listening to their chatter.

“So, what do you think we should get her?  Should we all buy a separate gift, or should we go together for something really nice?”  That was Ruth.

“Well,” said Kate, “I think we need to find out what she really needs.  She’s had her own place for a few years now, so she probably already has a lot of kitchen equipment.”

“I know!  Let’s give her a lingerie shower!” piped up Cheri.  “You can never have too much of that, and most of us don’t buy the really nice things for ourselves.”

Sadie’s cheeks continued to burn as she realized they were talking about her, for sure, but not in the way she’d thought.  She twisted the brand new diamond engagement ring on her finger, feeling foolish for thinking that her friends had turned on her for no apparent reason.

“Hey, does anyone know where Sadie is?  She always comes to have lunch with us,” said Kate, looking around the cafeteria.  As she scanned the room, she saw Sadie coming in through the main door, stopping to look for them, then wave and smile as she crossed the room to sit with them.

“Sadie, you’re late. We wondered where you were,” said Cheri.

“Oh, I had an errand to take care of, but I’m here to stay now,” Sadie replied. “What were you guys talking about?  Looked like you were having fun.”