Objection Overruled!


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“How can you possibly object?  It’s the only obvious solution!  Can you come up with anything better?”

“Of course.  The object of the whole exercise is to promote change and create hope. I’m going to do that by insitituting something totally new.  I don’t know how you can possibly object!  Obviously, what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working out very well.!”

“But it has!  Look at history for your proof. The most good for the greatest number of people in the history of the whole world, for pity’s sake!”

“You may believe that, but I don’t.  I intend to provide the most good for ALL the people, not just the wealthy.”

“And how will you fund that not-so-new idea?”

“Why, by making the wealthy pay for it all.  Obviously.”

A quiet sigh filled the empty silence. Then one last comment:  “It was Margaret Thatcher, I believe, who said that the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”


Dear Mr. President

Make It Count

You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?


(I suspect this one is going to get me some negative feedback.  Please just be polite. I will not publish anything with vile language or name-calling.  You are entitled to your opinion. So am I.)

Dear Mr. President,

Please quit imposing your socialist utopian dream on my beloved country. We don’t want it. It doesn’t work. You are destroying the fabric of America; you are corrupting the character that made this nation great.

Alexis de Tocqueville said that America is great because she is good; when she is no longer good she will no longer be great.  He was right, and Mr. President, it’s not ALL your fault.  We began to lose our way a long time ago, and it’s too long and complicated to explain here.  

But you, Sir, have tried to cash in on our floundering. You have promised rainbows and sunshine, hope and change, a better life for everyone. You planned to make that happen by creating more national debt in your six years in office than ALL other Presidents combined!  You have burdened several generations of Americans with your profligate spending, which you told Congress, when you were still a senator, was an unAmerican thing to do.  Have  you forgotten?

Basic economics teaches that you must not spend what you do not have. At this point, we are indebted to China and Saudi Arabia to the extent that they virtually own us. That should make you, Sir, very afraid. They don’t respect us, and they certainly don’t respect you. The world is laughing at you. You need to pay attention.

None of your policies has lived up to the glories you promised. You cannot legislate–or sign into law by fiat–happiness and prosperity for millions of people.  It doesn’t work that way, never has, never will. If you will take even the most cursory glance at history over the last 150 years, you will see that socialism has been instituted in, say, European countries at the initial cost of great bloodshed.  And the ongoing cost is that in some countries, people are required to hand over 80% of their earnings to people like you, who seem to think you know a lot better than people like me.

All dictators come to violent, unseemly ends. You need to pay attention. You are ignoring our Constitution when you ignore Congress, and you claim to be a constitutional expert.  You say that the Right simply won’t do anything, that they are the Party of NO. That is true only if you believe that you are the ONLY right one, and that any disagreement is wrong simply because it’s YOU they are disagreeing with.  There have been at least 80 attempts, the last I heard, that the House has made to modify Obamacare and make it somewhat workable. The Senate, under your “best friend” Mr. Ried, has killed each attempt. Who is refusing to work together?  Who is the Party of NO?  And that’s just one example.

You really should resign, if you have an ounce of honor. The only problem there is that then we’d be stuck with Joe Biden. And that is not acceptable at all. Not at all. Why should you resign?  Because you do NOT believe in the principles upon which this nation was founded.  You do NOT respect our Constitution, and you have said so. Your “hope and change” was more honestly stated when you admitted that your plan was to “fundamentally change America.”

It is beyond sad to me that so many people are willing to have Big Brother take care of them that you were elected not once, but twice.  Your promises were empty, though, and the polls are showing more and more clearly that people are waking up to the fact that freedom isn’t free.

A President you mock, Mr. Ronald Reagan, said that freedom must be fought for by every generation.  It must never be taken for granted, because there will always be people like you who find a way to rise to power so you can control the lives of people you’ll never meet, and that you don’t care about.

I pray that we average American citizens have not lost our will to stand up and fight.  I think we’re going to need to do just that.


Wife of one, mother of four, grandmother of nine, who wants to see all future generations still free to decide what to have for breakfast without any interference from the government.