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I’m really late today, and I have an excellent excuse.  I slept until 10 a.m. because I decided to.

I’ve reached the delightful stage of life in which, when I’m not working, I can sleep as long as I please.  Now, normally I wouldn’t be able to stay asleep that long, but I took some meds last night that guaranteed me a solid, long-lasting sleep.  Except, of course, for the nightly stumbles anyone my age makes to the bathroom at least once per night. (Shhh. Whisper that sentence.  It’s impolite to refer to personal hygiene in public. At least, that’s what I was taught.)

Have you noticed that a lot of things that used to be said in a whisper are now  shouted from the rooftops?

I remember when people whispered, “She has cancer,” as if it were a character defect.

There are parts of one’s anatomy that, if they had to be mentioned, were done so euphemistically or in a whisper. Not any more.  There just don’t seem to be any  body parts that aren’t up for general conversation these days.

Not in my house. I think it’s embarrassing, and probably needs to be mentioned only to a doctor. I don’t want to know about your private plumbing.  Not even in a whisper.

Of course, anything that had to do with (whisper) sex was also said covertly.  I probably should state here that I do not believe there’s anything dirty or inappropriate about married sex.  I just don’t want to talk about it with you unless we’re doing so in my capacity as a therapist, and that isn’t particularly comfortable for me. Sometimes I have to do it, but I’d rather not.

And then there is the other side of whispering–the side I despise.

 Any time I see someone whispering something in someone else’s ear, in company where other people are thereby excluded from the conversation but have to observe that there’s a secret being shared, I’m tempted to do what I did now and then as a teacher. “Susie/Johnny, would you like to share your secret with the rest of us?  No?  Then don’t be so rude as to whisper it. If you don’t want to share it publicly, don’t say it in a public place.”

Seems to me that whispering secrets in a public setting is just rude and inconsiderate. In my experience, it’s almost always gossipy and mean. It doesn’t need to be said.

And now I think I’ll go find a late lunch.