Still a Monastery

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Is it still an active monastery?” asked one of the tourists.

“Yes, but there are very few monks now, compared to when it was built.”

The visitors watched silently as several monks filed by–orange, red, and yellow robes.

“Are the colors significant?”

The guide paused. “You know, I’m not sure.”

“What do they actually DO all day?”

Another tourist spoke up. “They do alms in the morning.”

“Begging?’ sneered another.

“Keeps them humble. They have daily chores. They meditate and discuss their doctrines.”

“What a drag,” offered a young man,

“But it harms no one.”

Silence reigned.


25 thoughts on “Still a Monastery

  1. They must be American tourists. We always know better than everybody else. Of course, I could never imagine being a monk. I’m not disciplined enough to write for an hour without watching a YouTube video or some other nonsense.

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