PHOTO PROMPT © Amanda Forestwood

“Oh look!” sighed Melinda. “The beautiful music I could play!”

The violin’s owner approached. “I overheard your comments.” He adjusted his instrument and drew his bow across the strings. Exquisite notes sang out.

“There, see, Mama? I KNEW it would be wonderful!”

The violinist handed the instrument to Melinda. “Try it.”

Melinda adjusted the violin. Expecting to hear beauty, she drew the bow across the strings and heard dull, squeaking, off-pitch sounds instead. Tears welled up.

“The instrument needs an experienced musician to draw out its music. Someday, if you practice faithfully, the violin will sing for you, too.”


28 thoughts on “Practice!

    1. I think a lot of people would share your regret, Iain. I wanted piano lessons SO badly, as a child, but there just wasn’t any money for that. So I taught myself, developing some very bad habits along the way. And now, at 75, I’m finally taking lessons–and I LOVE it! Practice, practice, practice!

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  1. Linda, I know those sounds and the disappointment only too well. I played for quite a few years and the trouble is that while you might practice, improve and perfect, then the barrier raises and you’re never quite able to master the !@#$ thing. My violin was also very possessive and spat the dummy when I neglected it for more than a day or two. However, it seems to have had therapy because after 3 years of solid neglect, it played quite nicely when I picked it up the other day.

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. I went through trumpet, bariton, sax, and clarinet–plus piano–when my four were in high school. Don’t regret it, but it sure was nice when they started to actually make music 🙂


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