Bloganuary 2023: Jan. 29

Today’s Prompt: What is something you learned recently?

I was curious. If islands are simply the above-water tops of massive under-water mountains or mountain ranges, then what about continents? Are they also anchored to the floor of the ocean by vast mountain ranges?

So I did some research, and found that many geologist agree that continents are indeed the visible tops of mountain ranges. That the major difference between islands and continents is size.

When I shared this concept with my science-minded husband, he had some very good questions about how it could be possible that continents are simply very large islands. His questions made a lot of sense. So now I’m reading about continental drift and colliding mountain ranges and that island that is forming in the Pacific from an underwater volcano.

What I’m learning is that I don’t know very much 🙂

Here’s one of the articles I’m reading:


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