Bloganuary 2023: Jan. 11

Today’s prompt: How do you define success?

I suppose the simplest definition would be that success is to begin a task, project, or idea and bring it to the desired conclusion. This definition could apply over the broad spectrum of life. It could apply to simple tasks. It seems to me that a collection of simple tasks brought to the desired conclusion would all be contained in the broader task of living life successfully.

You will not succeed if you do not begin.

When starting a task, you need to begin in the way you intend to continue and to finish.

It is vital to have a plan, for small tasks and for the broad spectrum of life.

Setting reasonable goals contributes to having the desired success.

Let me bring this all down to practical matters. I have–HAD!–a huge collection of fabric scraps and partially used skeins of yarn in my sewing area in our basement. I haven’t been able to get to it for some time, for reasons beyond my control. However, I have nightmares about becoming a hoarder and leaving an awful mess for my children to deal with when I die. So I’ve been thinking about how to address that mess, and yesterday, with the help of a strong young friend, we spent four man-hours sorting through the rubble. We filled up FOUR huge garbage bags of scraps, emptying a set of cupboards. I organized my yarn by color, tossing out small remnants that weren’t big enough to make anything. We discovered yarn and fabric I had forgotten, and that is now where I can see it.

I consider those hours to have been successful. We accomplished what we set out to do. There is more that needs to be sorted out. rearranged and tossed out, but those are separate projects. The only things we dealt with yesterday were fabric and yarn. The rest is another project.


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