Bloganuary 2023: Jan. 5

Prompt: What brings you joy in life?

Many things bring me joy, It’s not always a jumping-up-and-down kind of joy. For one thing, my achy breaky back would object strenuously to such exercise 🙂

Joy, in my opinion, is a state of mind that we can have all throughout the day when we choose it. Perhaps contentment would be a better word to describe what I’m talking about. I believe, when a person is content, there will always be joy.

For example, at 75+ years old, my life has changed dramatically from what used to be my norm. I used to enjoy walking up to four miles per day, but because my lower back is full of bones that look like Swiss cheese, I can’t do that any more. Do I miss it? Well, sure, But it hasn’t destroyed my joy, my contentment, my inner peace.

I never thought the day would come when I would actually miss doing housework 🙂 There is a great deal I can’t do any more, and yes, a sense of discontent could consume me if I didn’t choose to be content. I can still cook, but I can’t do the dishes. Can’t do the laundry. Can’t bend over to pick up whatever I’ve dropped.

I have a couple of “reacher-grabbers” to pick up stuff, because I tend to drop stuff more than I ever used to. I also have tools that keep me from having to bend over to tie my shoes or pull up my socks. I choose to be unstoppable as long as I can.

Aww, poor me, right?

Well, no. Not really. I have the world’s best recliner that is infinitely adjustable for my needs. I have an adjustable mattress that keeps me comfortable at night and makes it possible for me to move in the morning when I first get up. I have a husband, God bless him, who does the laundry and fills in wherever else he can. I can still sweep and mop and dust, and I can clean most of my bathroom. Not the tub or toilet, so he does that.

I am learning that chronic pain engenders fatigue, even when I’ve done nothing about which to be fatigued! However, I’m also at a stage of life in which I no longer have to deal with small children, lots of cooking and baking, constant picking-up and putting-away.

I am blessed, and I know it. And that gives me incredible joy.


6 thoughts on “Bloganuary 2023: Jan. 5

      1. Tetyana Skrypkina

        I support you fully!
        Unfortunately, I have got some problems with my legs and back, that’s why I cannot run, use stairs, or walk a lot. But I find my ways around how to manage things and do my best.
        Let’s enjoy Bloganuary!

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