Bloganuary 2023: January 4, Lost Treasure

Today’s prompt: What is a treasure that’s been lost?

I’m sure many of us thought of pirates and Treasure Island and YoHoHO! I did, but not for long.

My second thoughts centered on values and standards that were commonly accepted when I was growing up–a LONG time ago–that no longer are considered important. But I don’t want to preach.

So I’m taking this to a very personal treasure that I’m afraid is lost forever, and it makes me very sad.

My mom was a saver-of-things-she-loved. Anything that had sentimental value, especially in connection with her 50+ years with my dad, was considered a treasure. When she moved from South Carolina to Colorado, she left the packing up of the parsonage to friends from the church. It was a huge job, and I in no way am being critical here. Things just happen.

So what are some lost treasures? Boxes full of family pictures, lots and lots of black-and-white snapshots. No one seems to know what happened to them.

A large collection of 33rpm record albums, including some that I gave her as gifts. Gone. I would love to have had them back.

Those are the two things I regret the most. It’s likely that I would have discarded a lot of the photos, had I had the opportunity to go through them, but I wish I’d had that opportunity. The records? Well, I just don’t understand why anyone would throw music away!

Perhaps some of her things were taken to thrift/antique shops. My niece actually found a pair of ceramic birds that Mom treasured. They were on a shelf in an antique store. My dad had given them to her for some special day, I don’t remember which, but she loved those birds. I’m glad my niece has them. Mom would have loved knowing they found a place in her granddaughter’s home.

One thing Mom treasured was her collection of pink Depression glass, with the scalloped edging. We learned that individual pieces really had very little value if they were not part of a complete set. I suppose most of those pieces also went to a thrift/antique shop, and I hope someone is enjoying them.

Mom grew up in the Depression era, and fancy dishes were not a part of her life as a child or young wife. She loved them so, and because she did–they are a treasure.

What may seem to others to be the brick-a-brack of life may well have been highly treasured by their owners. Do I NEED anything of my mother’s? No, of course not. I guess it’s just the not-knowing what happened to certain things that bothers me.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go through these things after Mom died because of the distance. We live in Pennsylvania. She spent her last years in Colorado. The parsonage that got packed up was in South Carolina. I just couldn’t be there for most of it, and I am truly thankful for those who shouldered the work.

At least my memories are still intact 🙂


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