PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The wind from the hurricane’s spinning arms had finally abated. The playground was all puddles and fallen leaves, but little Annie wanted to play.
“Please, Mommy? I’ll wear my rubber boots! I’ll be careful!”

There were no other children at the park, but Annie was not deterred. Off she ran, heading for the “slippyslide” she loved so much. She clambered up the steps in her big red boots, unaware of anything else in her joy of being outdoors.

Just as she reached the top, the huge snake raised its ugly head, looking straight at her.


41 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. I’m sure the snake was as afraid of the little girl as the little girl was of it… well, maybe not, but calmly backing down the ladder might be called for, Who knows what is left in the wake of the hurricane.

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      1. ricans typically come up from the south and southwest. By the time they get as far north as Pennsylvania, they just heavy rainstorms.

        No snakes in the UK? I just heard from another blogger who says they don’t have any in New Zealand, either. I’m thinking of emigrating 🙂


  2. Snakes are quiet critters and humans seem to happen upon them unexpectedly all too often. They are also very quick and most try to get away from humans (with good reason.) I hope that slippery snake slide down the slide and slipped away unharmed. Poor little girl might have nightmares though…

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  3. I’m slowly but steadily catching up with reading all the stories this week. I hope I get there before a new photo pops up tonight/your morning. Well, that snake was a nasty surprise! It could have been a mate for Simon in my story…and the snake wasn’t expecting a little girl to appear…how scary!

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