Granny Leah

Granny Leah, confined now to a wheel chair, shook her head at the stuff piled in the garage.

“Ach, ve haf too much dese days!” Her grandchildren rolled their eyes, knowing they were in for another episode of Back in My Day.

“Ja, ve had nossing in da camps. No shoes, no UnterwΓ€sche. No mitts for da hands. Ve came mit nossing, und ve go mit nossing. Nossing to pack und carry ven ve left.

Granny Leah glanced up at her grandchildren. Grinning, she said, “Und das is alles! Wir gehen.”

Note: Unterwasche is underwear. There should be an umlaut over the “a” but I didn’t know how to find it. Und das is alles, wir gehen means, and that’s all. We go.

Another note: I figured how to do an umlaut on my Mac. Easy, when you know how πŸ™‚


31 thoughts on “Granny Leah

      1. I think so. I’ve always tried to wait until someone asks me about a specific time in my life before I start unloading my memories, and I also tell them to stop me if they’ve already heard it before πŸ™‚


  1. For starters, I had to read this… My Granny’s name was Leah. πŸ™‚ ❀ Although she wasn't Jewish, she was one who kept things. Not a hoarder, just a very frugal and conscientious person. "Waste not, want not" was her modus operandi. I learned her lesson well. I don't have much, can pack my house in a few hours, and be on the road within an hour if needs must. So much I learned from her, How to survive on so very little and yet be so happy of heart.

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    1. Thanks, Rochelle. Terry’s grandmother came over from Germany before WWI to marry a man she’d never met–an arranged marriage. She was 16. I had no idea that she had tried very hard to rid herself of her German accent because she didn’t want anyone to think she supported Germany in WWII. When I met her for the first time, @1968, I told her I enjoyed her accent. She was horrified, and I was informed by Terry’s mom that I had committed a terrible faux pas. Great way to start a relationship. πŸ™‚


    1. I think you’re right!

      I’m almost finished reading a book about the experience of one Jewish family in the camps during WWII. Title: “We Got the Water.” Very significant title, but I won’t explain why–that would be a spoiler πŸ™‚


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