A Quiet Neighborhood

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

It was a quiet neighborhood, lush with well-tended lawns and big shade trees. The neighbors were friendly but not given to poking into other people’s business. It had never been necessary to call police to settle disputes. So it was beyond shocking the day a ragged, bruised, and bloody woman came pounding on the Miller’s door, screaming for help.

“Por favor!” she pleaded. In broken English, she told a story of captivity and sexual slavery right next door. As the investigation proceeded, several adult women and a few teen girls were rescued from a sound-proofed basement.


My story today is loosely based on a true story from a few years back. The man who enslaved these women was quiet, kept to himself, and never caused any trouble–for anyone outside his home.

22 thoughts on “A Quiet Neighborhood

    1. Yes. It was shocking as it. unfolded. How did he manage for so long? I think he’s imprisoned now. I don’t remember if he actually murdered any of his captives. I also don’t remember what happened to them once they were freed, or if any of those who helped him are also in jail.


  1. There are those creeps who imprison females for years and there are other creeps who have diplomatic status that allows them to bring their “staff” (i.e. slaves) to other countries with them and nobody seems to bat an eye at it. There is too much labor/sex trafficking/exploitation going on in the world that is a continuing manifestation patriarchy at its worst. My heart goes out to anyone who has been trapped/imprisoned like this!

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