Let Me Talk!

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“What on earth? We going back to pioneer days?”

“No, Silly. You know I’ve always been interested in spinning and weav–“

“Oh, great! So now you’re going to bring a loom in here? And put it WHERE?”

“Well, I thought- – – “

“You DIDN’T think! That’s your problem! You get all these big ideas and then I get stuck figuring out how to make it work!”


“No! Not this time. No more junk in here!!”

“Would you hush! I have a friend who has a loom. She’ll teach me, and I’ll weave there! Good grief!”




31 thoughts on “Let Me Talk!

  1. What a negativist! How about, “OK then you can find another place to live and I’ll have all kinds of space to spin in.” Or, “OK I’ll go find my own place to live in as I’m sick of you trying to shut me down.”

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