The Wedding Dress

Photo prompt provided by John Nixon

Art walked past the store daily, smiling to himself at what people thought were antiques. Why, some of the things in that store were just like wedding gifts he and Rosie had received over 50 years ago! “Antiques! Huh!

Then, one morning, he stopped in shock, staring at the lovely wedding dress. Time misted his eyes with the memory of sweet Rosie walking down the aisle to marry him, wearing that very dress!

“Over 50 years,” he thought. “I wonder what the story is.”

He decided not to inquire. He hoped another couple had found joy, like his and Rosie’s.


30 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress

      1. The dress was given to the daughter who wore it for her wedding. Sorrowfully that marriage turned sour and the dress was given to thrift store. At least that’s the way I heard it. 😀

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  1. I think I might experience mixed feelings about that. As it was, my wedding outfit was stolen by removal staff en route from Johannesburg to our next location. I expect it has had many wearers by now. And it doesn’t hurt any more. Good one, Linda.

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  2. Dear Linda,

    I see my question has already been asked and answered. It seemed odd that it would’ve ended up there without his knowing. Perhaps one of his kids took it there after their mom passed. At any rate, a sweet story.



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  3. I can relate to Art’s feelings about 50 year old ‘antiques’. I’m amazed that he can recognise his wife’s wedding dress – I’d be really surprised if my husband would recognise mine after that long. 🙂 Good story.

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