The little roadside stand didn’t get a lot of business. Granny tried to shelter from the blazing sun under the old beach umbrella, but she kept having to move it as the sun travelled across the sky.

“Why do they put an old woman like me out here to bake under the sun?” she wondered. “I could be a lot more helpful inside that air-conditioned house. I could watch the baby. Or prep the veggies for supper. But they put me out here”- — – she gasped, clutching her chest as she hit the ground- – -“To DIE!”


49 thoughts on “Why?

    1. I agree. The rise of the nursing home has made it entirely too easy for us to stack in those places until they die. I worked in one, a pretty decent place, while earning my master’s. But the reality is that they’re the last stop before the grave. Many forgotten people in there.

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      1. 😦 Very shameful and sad situation. There are decent ones I’m sure, but some dark dealings go on in those places that I’ve unfortunately seen up close and personal over the past couple of months.

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