No Warm Welcome

The traveller rode in a sleek tour bus, comfortable and safe. He slept for a few hours, and woke only when the bus slowed and pulled into the depot.

He looked out his window. Roiling, boiling clouds dark with rain made it hard to know if it was noon or midnight.

There were a few lights here and there. Mostly empty windows, and even where there were lights they were cold, forbidding.
He snuggled back down into his seat, wrapped his long coat over his legs, and went back to sleep.

There would be a better place up the road somewhere.


38 thoughts on “No Warm Welcome

    1. Love the last sentence: The destination. . makes it worthwhile. Brought to mind our trips, when I was a child, between Minneapolis and Grand Junction, CO, where we had relatives. Portions of that drive were SOOOooooooo long, nothing but prairie, and hothothot. But seeing the blue line of the mountains off in the distance made it all worthwhile, indeed!


  1. This line is a good support for the disorientation being felt by the rider: “Roiling, boiling clouds dark with rain made it hard to know if it was noon or midnight.” I hope he is right. Your story works well as a metaphor.

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  2. Your story makes an effective contrast between the agitation of the storm and the calm and comfort of the tour bus. The conflict between the two draws us to consider the traveller’s state of mind. What is he running from? What is he chasing? He may be calm, but he isn’t tranquil. Your story is subtle and well-told.

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  3. I made a few long distance bus trips in the past, and I used to quite enjoy the feeling of time suspended while I travelled, encapsulated in a little mobile world set apart. It’s an escape from responsibilities. You can’t do anything while you’re on the bus so just switch off and relax.I think your traveller is on the same wave-length. I hope he arrives somewhere refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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