Cloud Pictures

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris

“The one on the right, the grey one? That’s a little girl on a scooter. Her ponytail is streaking out behind her.”

“Okay. The big one, just off-center, is a camel lying down with his legs tucked under.”

“Ha! Good one! And just above the camel’s head, off to the left a little, looks like the mouth of a dog or wolf. You can see his nose, a little darker than the rest of him.”

“How long can we keep this up?”

“Forever. Look at all the clouds on the horizon!”

“I love you forever.”

“Love you forever, too.”

38 thoughts on “Cloud Pictures

  1. Bear

    I remember many happy hours spent on the blanket at Unkie floyd’s feet doing this. Maybe that is why I am so easily entertained by the world around me. Every child should experience this kind of fun… far better than phones and computers.

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