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“This is a strange place,” whispered Zing. ” I wonder what’s in all those bottles?”

Zang’s curiosity overpowered his caution. “We should open a bottle. Come on!”

The two aliens flickered to invisible mode and crept into the wine cellar, innocent as babies.

Zang pulled out a bottle, and tried to twist off the cork. “I need a tool,” he said, just as Zing noticed something that looked appropriate. Inexperienced, Zang botched it. Wine spurted everywhere. They licked sticky fingers.

“Mmmmmm,” said Zing. “More, please.”

They went undiscovered, but the vintner always believed his arch-rival had been sampling the goods.

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44 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. What a great prompt for Zing and Zang. They get to sample a very human pleasure, by enjoying a bottle of good wine. They are so uninhibited about drinking it that we must assume their metabolism can adjust to cope with the alcohol. Glad they got away without being interrupted.

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