Promises, Promises!

“Come on, Judy, it will make us tons of money. And it’s only for a little while. I’ll build you a fine house, I promise.”

Judy was young, and she loved Eddie. Trusted him. She hated the mess and the smells–gas, oil, exhaust, and rotting rubber–but she agreed. Just for a while.

Time passed, and the pile of tires grew. Judy’s patience did not. Years of promises, all for nothing.

She still loved him, but she hated living with all that mess and filth.

“I’ve had enough, Eddie. Enough of your empty promises. Goodbye!”


48 thoughts on “Promises, Promises!

    1. He won’t. He may intend to, may talk about it, but when push comes to shove he’ll accept the next batch of worn out tires because “someday” he’ll sell them all. Some day, unfortunately, almost never comes.

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  1. Dear Linda,

    Living with a packrat myself I empathize. Well, not to the point of kicking him out. 😉 But we do have a collection of old computers that goes all the way back to the Kaypro (I call it a Commodore in a can).
    Judy’s frustration is understandable. Good story.



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    1. I love my Terry to death, but I hate all his junk. He has cooperated in keeping it out of the living space, but I’m pretty sure our kids are going to be left to deal with it all some day. They know it too, and are already thinking about how best to deal with it.


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